When everyone is passionate about what they do and strives to create an environment of quality and excellence, that energy quite naturally creates a place where you want to work. Our emphasis is on being flexible enough to provide our clients with the services they need with a dedication to quality that keeps them coming back. We apply that same philosophy to our employees. If you want to be part of a dynamic team that is helping raise the standard in pathology services, AP Laboratories might be exactly the place you want to be. Please see our job postings below, or contact us at (843) 300-3001.




Job Description

Shall provide needed physician services, in the medical specialty of anatomic pathology at and for the laboratory. Physician will need special expertise in anatomic pathology. May be required to perform all, or a combination of the duties described depending upon their assigned work area and the specific needs of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide anatomic pathology services to clients of AP Laboratories. Assist AP Laboratories in providing laboratory supervision services consistent with the requirements of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act “CLIA”.

When needed, provide supervision of the day-to-day testing activities conducted at all laboratories staffed by AP Laboratories.

Coordinate with AP Laboratories to select, establish, and quality control all testing procedures within all laboratories staffed by AP Laboratories.

Be available by cellular phone at all reasonable times.

Assist other AP Laboratories pathologists in the selection, establishment, and maintenance of appropriate quality control for all testing procedures within any laboratory facility at which Physician provides coverage.

Coordinate with the other AP Laboratories pathologists to assure adequate levels of technical staffing and professional competence of technical personnel at any laboratory at which AP Laboratories provides coverage.

Establish adequate technical back-up for personnel at any laboratory at which AP Laboratories provides coverage.

Provide, as necessary, clinical interpretations of tests performed at any laboratory at which AP Laboratories provides coverage. Suggest appropriate projects and facilitate an on-going research and development program.

Adhere to and ensure compliance with the standards of federal, state, city and voluntary accrediting bodies.

Participate in strategic planning, medical operational review, and budget planning as required.

Participate in the development and implementation of marketing plans as appropriate for AP Laboratories.

Regularly participate in detailed quality assurance at all levels. Retain exceptional expertise in pathologic interpretations.

Ensure all Quality Assurance as per accreditation and AP Laboratories requirements.


Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) is required. Must maintain medical license and Certification by the American Board of Pathology.




Position Available: 2nd Shift; Charleston, SC

Job Description

The position is responsible for processing, embedding, cutting and staining of tissue slides, accurate quality control, special projects, equipment maintenance and all other duties assigned by the Team Lead or Laboratory Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs both routine and complex special procedures with the understanding of tissue structures, techniques, principles, theory and instrumentation.

Able to gross section and dictate descriptions of simple specimens, process, embed, cut and stain all types of tissue specimens received in the Histology Department.

Coverslip stained sections, verify that the staining shows adequate cellular distinction, label, and distribute to the pathologist responsible for reviewing the case.

Assures specimen labeling requirements are met and necessary clinical information is available as needed.

Assists laboratory assistant or performs accessioning of patient specimens into laboratory computer system when needed.

Demonstrates general knowledge of pathological and physiological conditions that affect test results and tissue staining.

Selects and maintains appropriate tissue blocks to serve as controls for Special Stains.

Maintains all documentation that insures that all Special Stain control blocks have been adequately tested. Cuts and labels control slides for Histology, Special Stains and IHC.

Able to process and decal bone specimens.

Able to prioritize processing of specimens.

Recognize and troubleshoot both routine and complex problems and assist other Histotechs and lab assistants with technical problems.

Monitor quality control results and take immediate and proper action when controls are unacceptable.

Follow defined procedures with only Lab Manager or pathologist approved modifications or deviations.

Complete all instrument function verification, maintenance, and documents according to procedure in Histology area. Ensure that equipment defects and malfunctions are reported and repaired.

Maintains a neat, clean, and orderly work area. At the end of the day’s work; is responsible for the cleaning of his/her microtome.

Responsible for the proper handling and disposal of all biohazardous materials and chemically hazardous materials including the neutralization or recycling of chemicals before disposal or reuse.

Cuts slides for IHC testing or other sendouts in conformance with procedures and submits them for analysis.

Must be able to express himself/herself effectively both in written and verbal communications.

Assists supervisory staff in monitoring workflow and insuring that work/ staining priorities are met for the department.

Will be asked to put new tests/ stains on line.

Participates in weekend and holiday schedules as staffing requirements dictate.

Remains flexible and works a share of overtime or different shifts if necessary during staffing shortages or emergencies.

Participates in continuing education classes and courses. Strongly encouraged to keep updated on recent advances in the field of histology and to take at least 10 credit hours of continuing education a year.

Highly encouraged to maintain membership in a professional Histology organization.

Always maintains a safe work environment and attends all safety training classes and conforms to all company safety guidelines and requirements.


HT, HTL(ASCP) registry or eligible